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August 15, 2007


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I see a Cab Franc won...So, how is that wine? :)

Say it ain't so, out of all of NYS, Pindar won for best red and cab franc. Did you try the 05 Pindar line up? I'm speechless.

Hey guys...I actually haven't tasted that vintage of Pindar cab franc so I can't say much about it.

Hoping to pick up a bottle at their Port Jeff tasting room over the weekend and put it in a blind tasting with some other local franc. Stay tuned!

A little local scouting here:

Red Barn Winery wins winery of the year award?????!!!! This place started a couple of years ago as a promotional gimmick and located itself in a suburb of Syracuse. Syracuse is near the Finger Lakes, but is many, many, many miles from the best growing sites and is nowhere near wine country. The winters in Syracuse are too crazy for grape growing! I can only guess where their grapes come from. This winery could be located anywhere as it has little to do with a wine region so much as the mail is able to deliver supplies.

My only experience with Red Barn Winery is when someone gave us a case for our wedding because Red Barn is willing to create cutsie little labels in order to sell bottles. The wine was awful and I used some for cooking and poured the rest down the drain.

Maybe things have changed in two years, but I can't believe that a winery like this, located in a city that is located on an intense lake-effect snow band, would ever be considered. Weird!

If you go to uncork ny and click on hot topics you can open a pdf file that shows the complete results from the wine competition. My family owns Lucas Vineyards in the finger lakes. About all I can say about the results was that overall they appeared to be a little unusual. The winery of the year is computed based on total wine entered and is not really indicative of much other than in this case Red Barn Winery entered a few wines and they were awarded some great medals. It is in no way subjective and is computed by the numbers.

To get to hot topix- click on information station- then hot topics


Thanks for this. The press release said to look under "NY Gold" so that was where I was looking...and it still had 2006 results for the classic.

Long Island was clearly robbed in this competition! Admittedly, working at Jamesport makes me somewhat bias...Props in particular must go out to Bedell. Their 2005 Merlot is an extremely worthy double gold.


Thanks for the comment. Always great to have local wine types reading and commenting!

What's tasting great right now at Jamesport...besides that awesome sauv blanc?!?!?

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