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August 14, 2007


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YIKES! Having had a major back sprain in college, I can totally sympathize! Feel better soon.

It looks like there's something wrong with your butt in that picture, not your back :)

Aw, dude. Age is startin' to catch up with all of us. How did that happen??

Take care of yourself. We'll be here when you get back. (No pun intended)

Take care and feel better soon!
Albany, NY

Two words...Vicodin and Champagne. Hope you feel better.

I knackered my back at christmas last year and was off work for two weeks. Id only been back at work for less than a fortnight when I fell down a flight of stairs and buggered it up again (as well as bruising my entire ass cheek!). I know your pain - a hot water bottle rested against the area of pain helped me as did industrial strength co-codamols!! Hope you feel well soon!!

Lenn: Take your time getting well! I am a "retired" competitive ballroom dancer. I retired because I screwed up my back royally. Instead of listening to the pain, I danced through it and ended up with surgery. So relax with some heating pads and/or ice packs, and if you're not on painkillers, then a nice Cabernet (I also learned they don't work well together), and we'll happily wait until you feel better.

I hope you feel better soon. I know the pain you're going through all too well. I've thrown my back out a number of times and it is no fun.

Oh no! Hope you are feeling better.

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