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October 31, 2007


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Oh, I'm so glad you did! Happy Halloween, little man!

Adorable! (I thought for SURE you'd have him dressed up in a little Steelers outfit along with a Toddler Terrible Towel.) :)

Hope you guys have a great weekend. Happy Bday to Nena!

Now stop posting and go have fun ....

Great Picture! And a kid that age cooking dinner? Now that's scary.

Happy B'day to Nena and enjoy the weekend.

Awwww, he looks like he is having a great time! Does he want candy? My girls have extra.

Seriously? Everyone thinks their kid is the cutest. Yours really is. And this is coming from a candid chick (and 'candid' is diplomatic at best!)

Great picture!

Let's be clear, it's not just the fact that he looks cuter than the Gerber baby in that outfit, but it's the fact he LIKES it. My friend, I think you may have a budding foodie in your presence :-)

So very very cute! I just found your blog through a link from Jennifer at Last Night's Dinner. I'm excited to read all about wine, as I'm a bit too uneducated in that department for my liking :)

Wow, you're doing a good job staying away from LennDevours for so long! It must be very hard, even though Nena and Jackson are both rather nice looking.

Tell Nena it's not her imagination that when the children get more sugar and treats of any kind, as in Halloween or an ordinary trip to the toy store, they really do become a bit more unruly.

By the way, does she have a blog?

Oh my gosh, this is precious! I LOVE the chef's outfit!

I've got a pic of Noe as a peanut up on my blog right now too ;-).

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