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November 20, 2007


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i think it's pretty horrible and fairly dishonest for you to imply that you only drink american wines on this one day in a year. i can personally list many, many occasions where i have seen you drink domestic wines and enjoy them. i also think it's dangerous. a casually tossed off comment like this one only serves to further the snobbery that keeps american wines down.

Horrible?!?! Dishonest?!?! Dangerous?!?! At least none of us are engaging in hyperbole.

I agree: I'm shocked this entry didn't come with a warning label.

Lenn just informed me that Paul is not a humorous secret admirer but is in fact married to Sasha, which makes his criticism that much more credible.

The last time I called my wife horrible, dishonest, and dangerous she still refused to let me back inside the house.

Good luck!

Fabulous, honest, and, yes, a bit dangerous is how I'd characterize the NY Correspondent. Anyone who has the opportunity to sip wine -- domestic or foreign -- with her should give thanks.

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