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November 09, 2007


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This is a delicious wine! We were in L.I. last weekend and on our first attempt to go to Macari on Sat. afternoon, the parking lot was jammed with 5 limos & 3 party buses. People were spilling out of the winery. We saw one guy coming out of a party bus with a Rolling Rock in hand. Totally turned us off. We went to some smaller wineries (Ackerly Pond, Shinn) and then came back to a much quieter Macari. We're glad we gave them another chance!

Sounds delicious. The '07 weather was phenomenal, you know this vintage will offer the best in raw materials. Are they only selling it at the vineyard?

love the blog,


I had this a few weeks ago and it is certainly delicious. The most "sour apple" i've ever gotten from a wine, very different.

FYI I saw it at Stew Leonard's, but didn't catch the price. I imagine it's either whatever they sell it for at the winery, or a buck or two less.

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