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December 05, 2007


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Lenn, I'm certainly tempted, if not schedule-free! But should you get a wild hair and decide you want to do a food/wine blogger's pow-wow out here in California, I trust you'll consider me for your tour guide. Indeed, it's something I've been thinking about for 2008.

I'm in! ;) all I need to know is how your getting the plane ticket to us! ;)

Lenn -
I think this would be a blast, but it might be cost prohibitive for us. I'll be able to give you a better answer once you have costs. And Russ, I'd love to come out to California with you as a tour guide. Heck, you were a great tour guide via Twitter in Arizona!

While I'm no blogger, I can give Lenn a hearty endorsement as a tour guide. Before my wife and I visited the North Fork a few months ago, I imposed on Lenn to give us his "must visit" and "must avoid" lists. Following his recommendations, we tasted some excellent wines, met some great winemakers and growers, and visited beautiful vineyards. The experience far exceeded our expectations, and convinced us of the quality that North Fork wines are capable of achieving.

So, I recommend that all you wine bloggers (who I read regularly) step away from your computers and explore Lenn's LI Domain. It will definitely be worthwhile.

This is a marvelous idea. Besides allowing bloggers to seeing the LI vineyards in from a different prospective, connecting bloggers’ to their faces will help this blogging community a great deal too.
I am in.

Yes yes yes yes yes! Thank you for finally reading my mind Lenn! (uh, in case it's not clear, count me in!)

Yes yes yes yes yes! Thank you for finally reading my mind Lenn! (uh, in case it's not clear, count me in!)

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