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December 19, 2007


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On Dec. 7, after distinctly objectionable commentary was directed at me you wrote me personally: “I guess I need to write up a formal comment policy and post it.” You offered a similar sentiment on your blog.

Here we are at Dec. 19 and, unless I am missing something, I have not yet seen such a posting. The debate over my caveat-emptor column on the 2007 vintage seems to have receded into the memory hole of your searchable archive. I hope your professed good intentions have not gone there, too.

By now, the absence of a civility policy, prominently and permanently posted in a marquee place, raises a legitimate question of whether one was sincerely intended and, if it was, why is it taking two weeks to create. The Internet is rich with guidelines that can nurture a sound statement of principles.

Such a posted policy, which should be a priority in a blog supposedly given to discourse, could have led to a potentially very informed exchange stimulated by Jason Feulner’s Dec. 17 article “The Politics of New York Wine,’ which offered a lot of substance to chew on. I myself would happily have weighed in knowledgeably.

But in the absence of a policy of etiquette --- an old-fashioned but not outdated word and idea--- I decided not to waste time and thought if one-linerism was going to be a Lenndevours value. If that’s the future, the “devours” part --- with the implication of chew up and spit out --- may be destined to prevail.

If it does, you lose. Potential contributors won’t; they can go elsewhere. And possibly do. A bottom line is evident to readers: Scroll through what’s on screen and count the number of entries that say “Comments (0)” and "Comments (1)."

Mr. Feulner’s content and tone warranted a debate that should have continued through today.

Howard, thank you for the comment. The comment policy is still in the works, but honestly it just hasn't been a priority for me.

As I think you know, I have a full-time, non-wine job and an 11-month old son at home.

Not only will there be a formal commenting policy, it will be posted in the upper right under "About Us" a very prominent location that appears on every page of the blog.

It is my intent to have it finalized by the end of the calendar year.

In the meantime, I invite you to comment on Jason's post. Even without a formal policy, I still reserve the right to delete objectionable comments and will be doing so going forward.

Mr. Goldberg,

By all means comment on the story. I purposely made the tone of my article leaning a bit toward the cynical because of the nature of government committees, the presence of Constellation, etc. If someone has additional information to which I am not privy, I hope they take the time to contribute.

I think most rational people should have a a "wait and see" attitude about these things. In this case, I'd like you to convince me I'm wrong!

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