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December 04, 2007


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How long before he's blogging?

One of my earliest memories is of crawling around on the kitchen floor in my folks' old house in Detroit while they made dinner. Nothing really specific except their conversation and the speckled linoleum stands out, but it's a good memory, and I think that early association of the kitchen and family definitely planted a seed. Go, Jackson!

Hey Lenn
I have to get me one of those - it is so hard to find good help these days! haha

my parents would put me in those johnny jumper things that you put in a door way. And I would just bounce all over the place while they worked in the kitchen. I have tried to get my wife on board with this but 1. she likes cooking WITH me and 2. I haven't been able to find a johnny jumper in an adult size.

See ya

I used to love hanging out in the kitchen, too. At a point in my life just a wee bit later than Jackson's, I remember my mom getting me a stepstool for use in the kitchen. The stool's purpose seemed obvious to me: it was for reaching the top shelf of the fridge where the good stuff was. But Mom had other plans for me: I was now tall enough to wash the dishes!

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