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December 03, 2007


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Lenn, were I you I would put a very small point outline around the red text, to keep it from "bleeding" into the gray around it and give it more definition. If you've already done that, I might bring up the weight on the outline just a smidge.

I like the picture of you there, and it's oddly reflective of your reluctance to be on the label, as your face is kind of hidden by your arm... you could almost be Everyman!

Nice label, all in all. I like the black and white.

Hey, so one thing to think about... if/when you guys have another child, will he or she feel slighted that you named your cellar/beer/etc after the first-born?

I've seen a lot of hurt feelings over that.

Other than that, I love Handcrank Red, and I like the grey/red tonality. (On my screen, the red "vibrates" a little, but that may not be the case in print).

So exciting!

Like it! Reminds me a bit of Jone's soda labels, an all time favorite!

Love the label. There is a Jax winery in Cali, so I'd check on that...but this is super-cool and I'm superficial enough that I'd buy some just based on the label alone!

Thought I should probably mention that MY Jax Cellars is for private consumption...so definitely not competing with Jax Winery in any way.

If this was to be marketed to the general public, there might be a lack of recognition about what you are dumping into the machine and why...but, since this is for private consumption and distribution, that problem doesn't hold.

Awesome design--it immediately reminded me of the Jones soda bottles, which another comment mentions.

I think it would be cool to have some sort of a creative contest or a charity raffle for one or two LENNDEVOURS readers to end up with a bottle!

Monor question: Should it be Produced and Bottled IN vs. Produced and Bottled AT ?

very nice!

I like it, and I work in the marketing biz so I'm generally pretty critical of design.

One suggestion (if you're up for the challenge) Photoshop in some grapes falling out of the box so that there is a bit of motion and to make it easier for the uninformed to figure out what you're doing.

I wouldn't be concerned about putting yourself on the label.

Lenn -- I think the design is great. In fact, if you do feel too self conscious about having your picture on the label (not that there's anything wrong with it) the bottom part holds up very well on its own.

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