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February 13, 2008


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Gary V's mantra has been "trust your palette, don't listen to the critics." I agree. Don't listen to Gary V. one this one.

sorry, typo, meant "on this one"

new world now way, listen we all have our own palates and I am far from perfect, maybe I am way of or crazy? who knows it just didnt do much for me

stay well all!

Gary recently freely admitted that he's been leaning a bit more to the New World. Our palettes change, just like we do as people. Maybe he'll lean to the New World for a while, maybe he'll lean back. So what? Maybe today I like green, maybe tomorrow I like blue. So what?

What does that Vaynerchuk guy know, anyway? :)

We have to show some pity for poor Gary! When the Giants do so well, Jets fans can become quite conflicted. We are seeing a manifestation of this deep internal conflict.

I heard a rumor that in the 4th quarter of the Super Bowl, Gary became so distraught that he chugged, straight from the bottle, a bottle of '97 Screaming Eagle, yelling out loud how big and fruity it was as Eli passed the winning touchdown. Shamefully, he paid full auction price for it.

Not every critic hits a homer every time.

I'm puzzled by the wielding of the phrase "New World" as some kind of put-down: A lot of good wines come from the New World (iow non-Eurasian/African parts of the world).
Can't we all just get along? :)

"Not every critic hits a homer every time."

That's a very interesting comment because it raises the question, is Gary a critic, or is he a guy who runs a very big wine store? Seems to me that it's difficult to do either of those well, and probably impossible to do both. BTW Gary is not making friends among producers with some of his less than kind reviews.

Lenn, I think it is very difficult to objectively review a wine without considering QPR when you know the price beforehand. Grapes of Roth is a pretty darn expensive wine. I suspect his review would have been far more amiable if he thought it cost $20.

Just because Gary plays with dolls doesn't mean you have to as well, lol. I agree that the QPR is the gorilla in the room. There are specialized taste buds connected to your wallet that affect satisfaction.

Lot of good comments here. I agree with TasterB.. nothing wrong with "New World"!

Also agree with the QPR comments. Unfortunately it is what it is when it comes to LI wines, and GoR is one of the highest priced wines on the Island.

But none of this will stop me from enjoying and supporting Long Island Wine Country!

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