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February 06, 2008


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Hell yeah! It doesn't get any better than that, Lenn. But don't blink. He'll be 17 in a flash and you'll be longing for the good old days.

On the other hand, when your kids have one foot out the door there's a lot to look forward to...

I bet that lunch was so memorable that you will never forget it.

That is awesome, Lenn. fWhat a fabulous way to spend the day. And I'll tell you, I think Long Island has some of the best diners in the nation. You just can't find LI-style diners out here in California!

I hope this is just the start of a father-son tradition. My 90-year-old dad and I have lunch together every Monday and Tuesday at the local diner. Two weeks ago my daughter joined us and was blown away when the waitress brought him his coffee and me my decaf, and then told us what we were having -- she knows us so well.

BTW for the true diner experience you have to come to Jersey!

Thats what the kids will remember too...once they're old enough...those special outings (particularly if theres siblings).

As for the Diner experience and having ate in many diners in both states, its a wash. having fam in both states, the jersey ones don't get to the outer boroughs or LI enough to compare. Trust me, those exiled tri state folk in FLA and the West Coast would kill for one of these diners.

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