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February 08, 2008


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If Blaufrankisch is the same as Lemberger, than I'm pretty sure that more than one winery in the state produces it as it's talked about in the Finger Lakes quite a bit for it's cool-weather potential...I'll have to check up on that impression!

I know of one guy other than myself (with 2 vines planted, lol) in the Niagara Region that has planted some. In the Finger Lakes, Seneca Shore Winery makes a decent one, as well as Goose Watch, and Fox Run. Herman Wiemer's nursery sells grafted vines of Lemberger as well. I'd love to try some Channing Daughters though, as I would assume it would have a bit more body to it.

Bryan, I put out an inquiry myself to someone who frequents a lot of Finger Lakes wineries, but your recent observations confirm my suspicion that Lemberger is being produced at several wineries. Heck, if I remember tasting it at some point, and others refer to it, it can't be all made at a single winery!

I'm sure Channing was given a mistaken impression. It's sure easy to lose track of certain varietals with 100+ wineries in the Finger Lakes and a couple dozen more spread throughout the rest of upstate.

The Finger Lakes Weekend Wino (check out his blog at http://fingerlakesweekendwino.blogspot.com) just checked his notes for me and is 100% sure that Lemberger is being produced at Fulkerson, Fox Run, Goose Watch, Hosmer, Seneca Shore, and Anthony Road. He does not know how many of these wineries grow their own Lemberger.

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