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February 18, 2008


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I'm surprised Lenn. I found this to be one of the finest offerings in LI Red wine. Especially at it's price. IMO it's an actual LI QPR wine! Not many of those.

And it's funny, after I had this, I actually said... "I hope Lenn tries this" ;-)

I'm not saying that it's not one of the better 15-buck wines here (there are better though!)

I liked the previous release quite a bit, though.

Different palates for different people my friend!

It's also worth noting that I tasted all of Shinn's reds blind with some other NF reds...compared to their 05 Wild Board Doe or Cab Franc...this just wasn't 'it' for me.

Totally agree Lenn... "Different palates...". I guess what it is, and as somebody mentioned in another post, I think we have receptors in or brain that are attached to our wallet. I'm a huge Shinn fan. Love all of their wines. White and Red. The Wild Boar Doe and Cab Franc are both outstanding. But the Cab Franc is more than double the price of the Red. I think as I tasted the Red I said "This LI red wine is under $15???" I think that added to my enjoyment of it.

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