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March 28, 2008


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Lenn, I think you should focus on New York State wines for the month of April. Do not even think of sneaking in a CT one.

Yes, as a North Forker, I certainly hope saturating me first is in the works for April.

What a great event to feature your area. It's really a great idea.

Thanks for supporting New York wine month. In California upwards of 80% of the state's residents drink California wines. The percentage of New Yorkers drinking New York wines on a regular basis is extremely low. Let's change that and get people to not only drink New York wines in April but on a regular, consistent basis throughout the year. Let's start a New York wine revolution!

Thanks for the comments...and Morgen, I think I started that revolution a few years ago...glad that the powers that be in NY wine have finally joined in ;)

Thank You for another very interesting article. It’s really good written and I fully agree with You on main issue, btw. I must say that I really enjoyed reading all of Your posts

As a Vintage New York staff member, I always support NY wines and drink them regularly, too. So, this month, like you, my blog will focus exclusively on NY Wines, particularly the ones I sell in the store.
This is exciting, isn't it?

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