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March 27, 2008


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Another hugely priced white wine. What is going on at Bedell/Corey Creek?
By the way, of the current Bedell offerings listed on the website, do you know what the average bottle price is?
(since the Artist Series bottle only come in a magnum for $200, I used $100 in the calculation)
If you drop out their brand new "First Crush" label ($18 each for the red or white), that average jumps up over $50.
I used to have a basement stocked with dozens of bottels of Bedell wines, but those days will soon be passing me by.

Clearly they are trying to market (and price) themselves as a luxury brand. Time will tell how the market responds, really.

The 2001 Reserve Merlot was only 30 in the standard bottle if I remember correctly...

They definitely do not make it easy for the average consumer to stock up on their wines.

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