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April 20, 2008


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What's wrong with the views of the Sound, the Bay, and the Ocean... and how about hanging out up there in the winter.... I did that for 4 years.. no fun ;-)

Great picture. Im jealous! 'different in both good and bad ways'. what do you mean?

Val: Unfortunately, not many LI tasting rooms have views of the water. I can only think of Old Field Vineyards off the top of my head.

Dan: Good in that there is absolutely no pretension and the views are just amazing.

Bad in that the people behind the tasting bar (at 2 of our 3 stops) were pretty awful in terms of creating a true tasting experience. More of a cattle call.

I can sympathize with you on the "bad" point. The quality of tasting presentation varies wildly from winery to winery, and its only 10-15 of the most "elite" wineries that get it right nearly all of the time. Mediocre to good wineries can really drop the ball at times in their tasting rooms.

Two reasons: the labor pool is very limited and the tasting crowds can be far less demanding in terms of quality information. If you're there on a summer afternoon, many tasting rooms can be dominated by wine-neophytes, bachelor parties, etc. On this last point, however, I think things are slowly improving in terms of meeting the demand for higher-quality tasting experiences.

You got the best weather ever for April in upstate NY. I hope you had the lemberger there with that view as well. Grab me one of those pink riesling flags that so many wineries fly, I know a couple wine makers up here that would get a kick out of that!

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