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April 08, 2008


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I am potentially interested.

I'm potentially interested, although between the Opera season and basic travel costs, it might not happen. :-(

You mean LENNDEVOURS isn't picking up the tab? Vaynerchuk would ;)

If I made .1% of what Gary does with his wine empire, I'd cover the costs :)

Some potential interest over here. Will stay tuned for further details.

I would love to come but can't COOK anything, since I'm up in Albany. Will it be a Saturday afternoon?
Kathleen Lisson

Put me in the definitely interested column. All depends on the weekend.
-Paul (Brooklyn Paul on WLTV)

I'm interested too. It just depends on where, where and how much.

Im in but cant do it after June 26th.

I'm all over it, as long as it's not the 7th or 28th of June. Am happy to cook something transportable.

Put us on the definitely possible list.

Would love to come, do you have enough sponsorship to fly me and Gab in from Spain??? ;)

Let me know what you decide on this, I could certainly try to coordinate it with my trip! Fun idea.

I'd like to attend. I'll be leaving for Ireland on June 29, so as long as it isn't too close to that date I should make it.

very, very interested, though I'm struggling to firm up my return travel routing from Argentina at this point...
got a gorgeous chef's knife here, China-made (argh, so un-PC) by Solingen forged steel craftspeople-- I'll be yr 2nd cook & help with food logistics!

...my only possible date to fly North from Buenos Aires, it seems, is May 18, Chicago O'Hare, looking at OC/Santa Ana John Wayne airport final destination.
Gotta try to do some stuff in Cali, like figure some logistics shipping for the three cases of Crushpad-sponsored wine (or four, if Tim Elliot's Winecast Rhone Whitewest is bottled by then)I've been a team member of...
my home base East may be my ole bud Frank's cozy cottage in Stone Ridge, near Kingston & New Paltz...I'll do my best to stay in touch...only limitation is I'm out of a valid driver's license as of last month...

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