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June 04, 2008


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When I was at Bedell on the weekend of 5/17 and 5/18 they were tasting & selling the sparkling. Not sure if they only open the sparkling on weekends (as opposed to slower weekdays), but it is there for the tasting. Quite good I may add; the notes I captured that weekend were "a very nice bottle, exhibiting a touch of depth not often present in many Blanc de Blanc sparklers."

How did Hank the Angry Dwarf react?

You admit to liking Howard Stern?

Sure, Nan...why not? I admit to being a cheap beer-swilling frat boy at one point in my life too.

Lenn, I figured you'd give me mad props for the Hank reference. That's from back in the E! televised days!

What struck your palate better, Natural Ice or Milwaukee's Best?

Jason...all the props in the world. Hank was a classic. Miss that guy.

My fraternity house was a Keystone Ice house...more booze, less flavor!

Howard Stern, fraternities, beer swilling? You're killin me.

Now if Bedell can just get Howard to produce a commercial for them, in the style of the live action Snapple and P-Touch commercials from his old variety show, their B3 launch will be golden.

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