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August 19, 2008


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It's long overdue. Congrats to Kip, Dave and Donna and the rest of the Bedell crew on a job well done.

I believe this wine deserves the praise it receives. I also believe that LI produces other 90 pt. wines if you had to rate them. I've tasted wines from Roanoke, Wolffer, Paumanok, Grapes of Roth, Channing, Lenz, Shinn, etc, that warrant those scores. Plus, I have not tried all of LI's wines so there might be more I don't know about.

For New York wines to start poking their corks into the 90's is great. I have not tasted the Musee but have heard some nice remarks about it from trusted friends. I have long loved the wines of Paumonak, Channing Daughters, Bedell and Lenz and have no doubt that I have tasted some "90's" from these producers in the past. I haven't always been able to afford their choicest bottles so keep that in mind the nest time you come over. Uncork New York!

As I have said before, though I think the Bedell Musee is very good, I don't think it is good enough to warrant its high price.

It's nice to see that WS is willing to break through their 89 ceiling for NY wines, at least in this case, but of course once you celebate the distinction it opens the whole can of proverbial worms as to what a 100-point score means and how it really reflects both the quality and value of a wine.

Are you kidding? This wine is better than California and Bordeaux wines twice the price.

I wonder if a LI advertorial section will be in the spectator for October. It's great news for all of NYS wineries though.

I was able to have a glass (or 2) of this wine last night. I thought it was exceptional. But... I think Bedell is making a mistake by pricing it so high. I guess from an economic perspective it makes sense. But from a marketing perspective, and with an eye towards the long run exposure of LI wine to the masses, this only hurts LI Wine Country in my opinion. Why would you finally get to a point where you're making wine that the critics are taking notice of, and then price it so that nobody anywhere thinks its a value? This was a $40 wine in my opinion (which is still not cheap), and to ask wine lovers, people who usually drink decent bottles from the big boys (France, California), to shell out $70 for a wine made in a region they've always been skeptical of is asking a lot. Not to mention, I personally think many California wines in the $50 - $75 range are better than this. That's not a knock on the quality of the Musee, just on the value it brings.

I have a bottle of musse, but haven't tried it yet (found it at a liquor store for $60 I think and took a gamble on it after Lenn's initial review).

A bunch of wineries are going north of the $50 mark. Bedell, Grapes of Roth, Paumanok, Wolffer, Macari, probably others all have $50+ wines. If you like the LI Merlot style, and you're willing to pay $50+ for CA, what's the problem with LI hitting the same price point? For my palette, as a whole, I greatly prefer LI Merlot's to CA Merlot's. I haven't had many of the higher priced ones, but i've had the GOR Merlot, and the Macari Alexandria, and haven't regretted spending the money on either.

One would assume that at least some market research has gone into the pricing, and if this many wineries are putting out bottlings over $50, they're selling.

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