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September 23, 2008


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Lenn.... I have another theory regarding the lack of respect for Osprey. Here is an excerpt from my last tasting there in May (on a Saturday):

Unforgettable. Plain and simple.
The winery experience was horrible and it carried over to my recollection of the wines themselves. This is the perfect example to demonstrate how a good winery experience can go a long way in projecting a positive light on the wines themselves (and vice versa). I generally like Ospery’s wines, but I was so turned off by the winery experience I barely recollect much good about anything. It started with a parking lot full of limo’s and stretch hummers, followed by a one-man-guitar-band singing off-pitched outdated rock-n-roll renditions on their patio, and was then followed by a completely indifferent pourer inside. At one point while we were standing at the counter waiting for service, one employee actually came up to us and said we’d have to “move to the other side of the tasting bar so you are in sight of one of the servers if you want anything because they won’t turn around to serve you.” Are you kidding me? That should have been our sign to just up and leave. Well… that plus the 45+ year old woman (pretending to be 18) running around with a tiara on her head and a pin on her chest saying “Kiss me, it’s my birthday”. This is one of the key reason I prefer places that don’t openly welcome buses and limos. Not only do buses and limos often bring in drinkers (rather than wine patrons), the wineries themselves seem to staff accordingly - - with bartenders rather than wine servers.

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