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December 01, 2008


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While I usually avoid oaked chardonnays like the plague, I found Arrowheads to be balanced and worthy of praise for such a young winery.

I've actually got two in my cellar at the moment and I've sent a couple off to friends to show off what's being made up here these days.

I think your getting spoiled by all those good naked chards down there! lol, cheers

Bryan: Maybe I am, but I think less oak is better with NY-grown chardonnay. Do you know if Duncan has any plans to make a naked chard?

That's not to say that some NY barrel-ferm chards aren't terrific, because there are several from every region.

I don't believe he does have any plans for a naked one. Eveningside Winery both in 2006. Freedom Run Winery is doing a naked one for 2008. Chateau Niagara (from FL/Niagara blend grapes) is also trying an unoaked version this year as well.

With the expense of french oak I would assume there would be more naked chards around these days.

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