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January 15, 2009


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There's an awful lot in your writeup about how the oak influences the wine. Sounds very enjoyable and easy drinking, but I tend to prefer wines that are expressions of their place, not their barrel.

Evan: Sounds like a man who is lucky enough to live in Finger Lakes wine country, where riesling rules, since riesling sets a magnifying glass squarely on its vineyard location.

The oak does nice things to this wine, but it doesn't overpower, which is one of the things that I tend to like about Hungarian oak. This is still recognizable as a Long Island merlot. It's not bludgeoned.


Fair enough! But the more I taste LI Merlot, the more I believe the hype. However, it's still hard for me to describe in any short, specific way the sense of place that is found in a LI Merlot. How would you describe it?

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