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January 08, 2009


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No way you can prove it, but this looks like collusion/lobbying to me.

Her constituents should be outraged too. Of all the budget cuts to fight, this is what she's choosing?


We'll try to learn more about her position. I don't want to speak to her motivation or make assumptions; she's clearly making a case for the value of funding NYWGF, and I don't take it to mean anything else without more information.

Keep in mind, though, that it's in the realm of possibility that a congressional earmark (pork, in other words) would fill the funding gap if the state cuts funding.

This Congresswoman represents the people in her district and I happen to be one of them.

The majority of wineries in the district are small farmers trying to make a transition and keep their farms profitable. The state receives a tax on every wine bottle produced. Wine trail tourists use state roads, pay tolls, purchase goods and pay sales tax, visit state parks, ect, ect... It's hard to believe Albany doesn't see the benefit of all this.

Up here the Niagara Wine Trail is only of very few (I actually can't think of any others) booming businesses in the county. The state should still be embracing the way this business is revitalizing rural areas here and up and down the state.

I think it'd be great to read similar letters from reps in each of the other state's grape growing regions.

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