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January 14, 2009


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surprised there "is just enough acidity" since it didn't go thru MLF. It would be interesting to see what their numbers were at harvest. what was the end of the 2006 growing season like?

sorry it fell short, it was sounding good until the watery part!

cheers john

John: I was actually surprised by the acidity level as well. Given the lack of ML and the relatively cool growing season of 2006.

Unfortunately, I don't have any numbers for you. I really enjoyed the minerality on this wine, but the mid-palate just didn't do it for me.

No one should miss out on the wonder that is the oyster.

Go to Frisky the next time you are in Greenport. It will change your life.

I agree. For the exhorbitant price there are much better choices out there. This should be priced near a $7-$9 price point.

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