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January 15, 2009


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I'm curious about what you are planning for filtration.

Was this the first racking?

Did you stir the lees after fermentation stopped?

Making my first white this year as well and kind of winging it.

This was the second racking.

No intentional stirring.

Will let you know about filtration!

Ugh your so lucky. Im still unbelievable angry at the person I made arrangements with to buy grapes. I went to go pay him and he told me, with a strait face, he "sold em" to someone else. Saboteur! I had spent about $1,000 + over the summer on the crusher, press, and the necessary carboys and such. Its definitely a crushing set back (no pun intended) for someone just getting in to wine and hoping to make their first vintage. (It didn't help my feelings for him when I went to open a bottle of wine I had previously bought from him, and the cork disintegrated and the wine stank, and then the same thing happened to his second bottle I tried.) So alas, I did two batches of plum wine, and I guess Ill try some cider or beer till next harvest.

that a crazy lees tartaric acid cake picture!

can't wait to try it

John - Can't wait to try the lees tartaric acid cake?

haha Jared - yes lees tartaric cakes with a scoop of ice cream are my favorite!

of course I meant the wine! :)

By the looks of the tartaric crystals, they already cold stabilized it for you?

Actually, after we cleaned out the tank, we moved it outside and pumped the wine back in...to throw even MORE crystals.

We definitely will throw some more tartrates with the temperatures we are having. I just checked the tank and it is actually starting to get a little slushy with this cold. Nothing to worry about except getting closer to filtering and bottling.We are most likely going to set the filter up with fine and sterile filtration pads so that we completely inhibit ML. Clarity is good even without any filtration, but when complete we should be brilliant. The aromatics are so intense that the filtering will have little effect on them.

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