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February 18, 2009


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Hey Lenn,

Ascheri is not one to have musty wines. Your bottle was definitely defective. I don't have a note on the 2006 but my impressions of the 2007 are fairly typical for this bottling.


He's a great guy and the line-up is worth trying if you can find it, which isn't always that easy.

Sounds an awful lot like a corked bottle to me, Lenn. Whatever the case may be, as Gregory said, it was definitely a defective bottle.

Two producers whose Dolcetti I particularly like are G.D. Vajra (Alba) and Anna Maria Abbona (Dogliani). Both should be available on the NY market.

Thanks gentlemen. You know, I've never experience a "mildly corked" wine that is just muted, rather than overrun by the wet dog/basement. Maybe that's what this was.


In the NY MArket you should try....

Flavio Roddolo - 2006
Cappellano - 2006
Anna MAria Abbona - Dolcetto di Dogliani....she has 2 bottlings ...I prefer the lower end one
Giuseppe Rinaldi's 2006 (Zachy's in Scarsdale) is the best ...and in NY also the most expensive @ $30
Quinto Chionetti's - San Luigi 2006

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