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March 12, 2009


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Seyval is my 2nd most favorite wine (next to Riesling of course). I've always made it either as a blend with Chardonnay both Oaked and Unoaked, and as a straight Seyval but with RS for as you say the "White Zinfandel set" (you do know that's probably the majority of wine drinkers out there, right?. I think in the near future I'll be exploring some of the more finer points of Seyval, I remember an interesting Seyval I had once that was aged Sur Lie...

Jonathan Hull
Join us for www.TheNewYorkRieslingExpereince.com
A celebration of NY's greatest grape. May 2nd & 3rd 2009

hey if you wanna do an interesting Seyval experiment, check out Benmarl, Stoutridge, and Glorie (Hudson Valley). Glorie grows the grapes, and all three make a wine out of them, so you can see the hand of 3 different winemakers on one vineyard. Stoutridge goes for the more Germanic style, and its unfined and unfiltered so its got incredible mouth feel. Benmarl has been making Seyval for 30 odd years so theyve got it down pat. Glorie is a little newer to the game, and winemakeing is not the primary farming focus (he mostly grows apples, pears, and peaches) which I think is reflected in the wines. Their basic but good with food, just everyday stuff.

also as a P.S., I just got a job at Clinton Vineyards
Im totally humbled, and extreemly excited. They have also been making Seyval for over 30 years, its all they grow. they make a table white, a late harvest, and several champagnes from it, along with several small fruit desert wines! I cant wait to start this April!

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