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April 01, 2009


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I, for one, welcome our new Californian overlords.

Now stay tuned as A Dash of Bitters is retooled into A Syringe of Smack.

It looks like I will now have more time to play video games.

BTW, where is California? Is it one of those square states in the middle somewhere?

I wish you would also consider writing about those spaghetti trees in Italy - any chance?

Love the new header graphic!

Jason - It used to called "Southwest Dakota," but people kept getting it confused with South Dakota (both states have former actors as governors -- South Dakota is governed by Jean-Claude Van Damme). They have a small but growing number of wine producers led by Woodbridge, which is leading the charge to work with small yields and limited production. The capital of California is Frootbaum.

(All in good fun to our California friends. I dig all kinds of west coast wine!)

Will Alice Feiring being coming on Board as a writer then? Sounds like a perfect match! :)

Sounds good man, about time! :)

Are you also ditching the black and gold for silver and black? Or perhaps you'll be swirling chard with 49er fans. Oy, Lenn, what got into ya!

I think it's time you also instituted a regular column exploring the complexities and nuances of Manischewitz wines. Long overdue, wouldn't you say?

Lenn, We plan to use all California fruit from now on. Will you still cover us?

I'm excited about the new format. But I guess I'll have to get ALL of my wines to you before the change really takes hold. So samples of all bottled wines, as well as tank and barrel samples from every vessel. (You do have a fork lift don't you?). Also, I'll be sending you some cuttings from the vineyard. Just put them in some water for a few weeks, then in a nice protected place in the yard. Before you know it, you'll be previewing our 2014 vintage. (Don't worry, I'll send along some instructions.)

At least I might stand a chance of sourcing some of your recommendations on this side of the pond now. I hope you are going to specialise in all the good - cheap - pink stuff that seems to find its way over here too.

Bad idea, Lenn. California will never make it into the wine big leagues.

What that state needs is a major wine event in Paris to make people take notice but since the French have banned major wine tastings, it will never happen.

Hmmm. And the new name of your blog will be LennDETOURS? New York will miss you!

Oh wow, this really puts a damper on my plans to build a bridge over Seneca Lake to connect the East/West wine trails...anyone interested in purchasing my bridge?

cute...happy April 1st :D

1000 point scale?!

Come on, get with the times! Try a Trillion point scale.

I have to admit you are rarely funny but this actually was! HAHA :)

Speaking for the California wine industry -- without authorization, of course -- I can only offer my heartfelt thanks for your compassionate change of focus. If your efforts to publicize our modest efforts out here result in our gaining the tremendous market share of, say, Finger Lakes Rieslings, we'll all have a lot to celebrate. Bravo!

Ouch man, way to rip them a new one!

I hope the goal was not to "rip them a new one"... I hope it was all in good fun, and knowing Lenn, I'm sure it was. I just hope the California folks (Blind Muscat, for example) don't assume that we blanket-judge all west coast wine. There is a lot of outstanding wine, needless to say, coming from all parts of the west coast.

my favorite part is the three barrels on the logo. new on LENNDEVOURS: 300% new oak!

i ben drrrrinking kalifnia wine ALLLL dayyyyyyyy

rip, ritch, rockinggg....&

lEn, it had lot off alcohlo!!! MORE then NY

stay awya!

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