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April 10, 2009


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Great post, Evan.

We just re-upped at our local organic farm, Garden of Eve, for our vegetables, fruit, eggs and flowers for the season.

I really want to track down a source for beef/pork/chicken though. Anyone have any Long Island recos?


Where does Tim have to go for animal slaughtering and packing?


He says he has to drive 85 miles to PA (York, I think he said) because there are no good options -- no licensed options -- closer. His dad does most of the transport.

The USDA licensing situation is out of control.

good article - it's great that the local restaurants buy from him as well.

The one unfortunate thing from my perspective about the grass fed / corn fed thing is that every time I have tasted gf / cf head to head I have always thought the corn fed tasted better.

Oh well...


Yeah, that is a problem. As you probably remember from Pollan's book, USDA purposely makes it difficult for small meat processing.

I have a local guy who supplies lamb. He may give it up, as he has to drive a minimum 50 miles one way for the slaughtering, and that's with live animals, and then back with packaged meat. Last year, when gas prices rose, he started thinking...

The result: he can't offer the real price that consumers should pay for his product.

But thanks for the link. I found a pork and chicken farmer right next door to me that I didn't know about before this morning.

Thanks for a nice article about local farms. Tim's farm is growing and he works very hard. I wish him and his family the best

Great story!

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