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April 21, 2009


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i met jonathan at the wine industry workshop (well, actually at the bar afterwards) and he was talking a lot of noise about this frontenac AND their pinot. seems like a swell guy. wish we could get their wine out in the finger lakes.

Sounds like he has the gift of gab like myself.

Apparently the Frontenac satisfied the "professionals" at the FLIWC. I'm not sure they are producing a single varietal pinot noir yet as they don't have all that much planted. In the right hands pinot has much potential up here. Sadly I've met many people who dismiss the area because of the experience they've had with Warm Lake Estate's pour vintages.

I'd pass along your info to Jonathan. I'm sure he'd get some down to you if you wanted to buy some. Or better yet, you can take a road trip up here this season and see what's doing at several of the wineries.

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