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May 31, 2009


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Lenn, I know this is your first foray into video, but looking at wine the whole time isn't interesting. We want to see you! You're the star of the show and I'm sure your wife would agree.

Also, you need an ending.

This is a good start. Keep going, adjust, and you're going to have something compelling. Then we'll get it as its own podcast on the iTunes Music Store.

I loved listening to you slurping!

Dale: If only I had the charisma (or whatever you call it) that Gary V has. I do have a Steelers spit bucket though. Hmmmm...

cool. Just remember, "video killed the radio star!"

Good Job with this! Nice touch. Well done.

I should also comment about the wine as well...Spot on. This is my favorite wine from Shinn. I love their wild boar doe too, but this is wonderful. Love the finish. I too am waiting for their 07, I think I have a case from their futres event.

I like the effort, but until the photography can get better, (really better, like HD or 3 D) whether with you or Gary Vanderchuck, its hard to even get a feel for the color or clarity. Better off showing a good photo of the bottle label, front and back, with your voice over while you taste. Sometimes the technology actually hinders.

Roosevelt did great with radio fireside chats. I think you should focus on the 'radio' and pass on the 'video' because the 'video' is distracting away from your comments.

My two cents, but I really appreciate the effort.

The good or ill hap of good or ill life, is the good or ill choice of a good or ill wife.Do you understand?

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