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June 02, 2009


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Two questions.

1) Why not 100% Sauv Blanc? Just curious.

2) Following Taste Camp East, I thought the group idea was that more LI wineries needed to follow Paumanok's lead and plant Chenin Blanc. Could CB battle SB for LI white supremacy at some point? I'm picturing an epic 15-round fight in which you're the chick who holds the round cards and Jackson and I do play-by-play.

1) I'll let Chris answer if he sees this. But there IS a whole lot of chardonnay around.

2) I don't see CB overtaking SB, but it's possible. Other than Paumanok, NO ONE is growing CB btw.

I prefer this label's color combination. The image looks as though the edge is torn, (not sure if it is or not), but if it is, that would be a nice touch. I've always liked the Channing Daughters clean modern look.

For Lenndevours readers who might be unfamiliar, I'd certainly recommend checking out Wine Label Review. Very slick site with nice insight, and we hope they'll be hanging around here over the coming weeks...

I tasted this wine in April and felt as though the wine was a bit off balance with the alcohol. I'm not sure what the bottle said it was (14+?), but it seemed a little off kilter for many typical sauv blanc food pairings. Any thoughts on this Lenn?

14% ABV? The bottle says 12% (at least that's what my notes say). I didn't find it unbalanced at all.

Are you sure it was the 08?

Yup. He was on the panel of this years winemaker conference showcasing Sauv Blanc's from NY.

Plus, you can't always trust the label. ;-)

See what kind of legs it throws. That should tell you pretty quick.

Tom: You're right, you can't trust labels, but it's all that I have to go on (plus or minus 1.5%!)

Will definitely have to drink this wine again.

With all due respect, if CB is going to be a factor here on L.I. there needs to be more than a few acres planted. I don't even think we've pushed the envelope on Sauvignon Blanc yet as most vines are still fairly young but its clear to me that SB is the most exciting white variety on eastern Long Island. I think it's as good a match or better with our terroir as Riesling is in the Finger Lakes.

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