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June 10, 2009


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The **Browns**?!!???

C'mon, man!!

I know, Joe. I know.

But, the guy knows his beer, so we'll let it slide.

Plus, it will give me someone else to taunt during football season.

The Browns? Really? That's OK, hope Lenn doesn't punish you too much for that. Welcome - I really look forward to your posts! Cheers, Kitty

Welcome! Beer is good.

Welcome Kevin. I'm ALL for more beer stuff. Bring it on! And I won't let Lenn break your chops about the Yankees at least:)

So conflicting. I'm a Clevelander, and thus a Browns fan. I also loathe the Yankees with the heat of the sun. I guess no one is perfect.

Welcome, Kevin. Always awesome to expand our knowledge - cheers!

Welcome Kevin!! Some winemaker like OJ, others like Chardonnay :).....and pretty much the rest of us needs a lot of beer to keep making wine!!

Johannes Reinhardt
Anthony Road Wine Co.

Welcome to the team, Kevin! Anxious to explore NY beers with you.

Welcome. Glad you joined the LENNDEVOURS team and can't wait to read more about NY beers. Now there won't be any excuse for NY winemakers to not drink NY beer during harvest...

I want to thank all of you for the comments. I am in awe of the following and community that Lenn has worked hard to establish. I am looking forward to blogging here. Look for my first blog post by Sunday. They should com flying fast and furious after that.

Drinks like a beer guy in that picture.

I look forward to reading your posts about beer!

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