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September 25, 2009


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Did the shriveled up grapes smell sour? Pinot Gris is very susceptible to sour/grey rot.

There was definitely some. Any clusters that were overrun were discarded already and I pulled as many berries off of anything I picked as I could. I guess we'll be on the lookout for more on the sorting table tomorrow morning.


Pinot vines are generally thought to be somewhat genetically unstable, especially in the region of the genome that controls anthocyanin (color compound) production. For example, it is thought that Pinot Noir became Pinot Blanc by a deletion of a factor that regulates anthocyanin bioynthesis.

"A Skin Color Mutation of Grapevine, from Black-Skinned Pinot Noir to White-Skinned Pinot Blanc, Is Caused by Deletion of the Functional VvmybA1 Allele"

Furthermore, you can sometimes observe in Pinot Gris that Pinot Blanc characteristics show up on the same vine, cluster, or in some cases the same berry (as above). It's not known exactly what's responsible for this phenomenon, but the study of transposable elements in the grape genome is leading to new understanding of where cultivar differences come from, and why grapes have varying anthocyanin levels.

"Molecular Characterization of a Bud Sport of Pinot gris Bearing White Berries"

Had the opportunity to sample Anthony Road last time in New York City. They were setup at the Union Square Farmer's Market. Loved their Rieslings!

For reference, here's a picture that I took at the Cornell vineyards in Lansing, showing PG and PB on the same vine.


lucky man this is something that i really want to do, just for the experience so next year my goal is to get out picking even if its just once.

steve, there is still plenty of picking to do, especially here in the Hudson Valley.

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