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September 15, 2009


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There's nothing like Italian wines! We seriously started into our wine passion after our first trip to Tuscany. They are the masters of pairing local wines with local foods - it's their way of life. Not just a few people but everyone! Shopping for the fresh ingredients is an amazing social experience. And every wine tour to a person talks about how the local wines as well as locally grown foods take on the terroir, fragrances, characteristics and are best suited to pair with each other. The sad part for us was to learn that not many of the varietals are sold overseas. Thankfully, Chianti Classico and some of the Reserves can be found here.

Sweet Land is MY CSA! I could have been at that dinner but they were sold out! Curse you, Dawson!

I had a recommendation (which I took and enjoyed) from an employee in a LI winery to try lighter style Cab Franc with spagetti and meatballs.

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