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November 18, 2009


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...and some smell like musty old books when you open them!

Nice article and interesting topic. Recent verticals that I have gone to (including two at Sheldrake) have been really great. I have no patience for those who write off a wine (or region) for reasons like "the wine doesn't age well" without any evidence of such. Libraries allow us to at least test that hypothesis.

One thing I would mention is that the cost involved isn't just the opportunity cost of not selling a few cases a year, but the cost of storing the bottles in a condition fit for aging. An uninsulated aluminum siding warehouse in the summer sun and chilly winter might not cut it...

Well, it goes without saying that I have many leather-bound books.

I'd just like to say what a cool idea it is to open a wine library tasting bar. That's several steps ahead of most NY wineries, of course, but definitely intriguing.

There are many unique opportunities for those like me who hold the Masters degree in Library Science -- this is one place I personally would love to work!

Lenn: Osprey's Dominion has an extensive wine library of over 200 cases of its best reds from the past decade. Most have been available for sale for the past two years via the website , ospreysdominion.com, and are being offered on a rotating basis for tasting and for sale at the winery. Some of the library wines were showcased at the last Edible Brooklyn and have been recently reviewed by Howard Goldberg of the New York Times.

Adam: I know...and I've tasted some of those older Flights (with you at Brooklyn Uncorked). In fact, I may have that vertical (save the 06) in my cellar right now. Perhaps it deserves its own story.

Thanks for reading...looking forward to tasting the 09s with you after the holidays.

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