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November 02, 2009


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Ha! finally some vindication! I have been saying that the Epicuro Aglianico is crap for a while now, but a lot of people seem to see the 5$ price and think it's great. Definitely not a good Aglianico in my book.

That Punkin' Ale from Dog Fish is great too. http://www.vivalawino.com/2009/04/2006-epicuro-aglianico.html

Jeff -

First of all, I want to make it clear that there are some very nice wines available for at very low pricepoints. This just ain't one of them. I read your review; the '07 is rather inky, but super fake and sugary. Just a disjointed mess of a wine.

Just read your Lang & Reed review. Very cool stuff. I'm always searching for new reliable producers of CF and that name comes up quite a bit. Cheers.


I completely agree, and I regularly drink cheap wine because of it...well, and the fact that it's not like I'm rich as JZ. But you have to weed through some garbage to find the good stuff, don't you? My favorite under 10$ wines right now are 07 Now and Zen from Alsace (5$), 07 Perrin Cotes du Rhone (7$), and the Nerello de Bastardo (7$). Yes, the Lang and Reed was good. I want to try some Cab Franc from NY to compare "domestic" styles...


I just bought a bunch of that Maipe for a party. I think I paid 8 bucks a bottle for it! A little backward upon opening but a little air helped a lot. Everybody liked it a lot. Argentina offers some nice value right now if you know where to look.

Lenn, The Pollack wine was on of the wines I brought back with me from my Va. wine tour. The '07 Cab Francs from the Monticello region really impressed us.

Aglianico is a very moody grape and is often heavily oaked to mask the winemaker's sins. Among the best and very unique, is one from Antica Masseria Venditti in Campania, their 2005 Sannio DOC Aglianico Marraioli is done in stainless and tastes incredible. The estate has been in the same family since 1595 and back in 1988, the prestigious Italian wine guide Gambero Rosso introduced the word "organic" for the first time with its review of Venditti's wines. They're certified organic and have probably the best Falanghina and Barbetta (a pre-phyloxera Barbera) going. Their field blends, Bianco and Rosso(40% Aglianico, 40% Montepulciano, 20% Olivella), are fantastic and very reasonably priced.

I just tried Cantina del Taburno Aglianico, Fidelis 2005. I think it was around $12. The nose was good, rose petal, blackberry predominated. Healthy dose of black pepper and sweet cherry on the palate, tannins were so tame, but all in all the balance was right for a plate of pasta and tomato sauce. This is a +20,000 case wine. I was pleased.

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