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November 23, 2009


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wow Evan - 2001 Donnhoff riesling!! How do I apply to be one of your drinking buddies? Makes me want to break out one of my 2001 rieslings. Probably have to wait until we return from Thanksgiving at my parents in the Finger Lakes.

Happy Thanksgiving to the whole NYCR gang. Your blog is one of the best things on the web.


i prefer their blanc de noirs but this one is also a strong offering. Why oh why isn't there more sparkling in the finger lakes?!

Dana - This bottle was the unexpected "here's what I brought to dinner" from a friend. I've found that if you're generous with what wines you have, those around you will return the generosity. Occasionally you have the opportunity to drink gems like this. It should also be said: release price for this wine was $45, which is hardly insane.

You're very kind - We're thankful to be able to put the NYCR together. Cheers and happy Thanksgiving to you as well.


Very Jealous. I have been trying to find the Dogfish-S.N. collaboration beers everywhere.


Here's your answer:

Thanks, Jason. My question was more of a rhetorical lament. :)

I'm with you on the rhetorical lament, but there is a very specific answer to your query nonetheless.

I do not wish for the Finger Lakes to become a Champagne-like region with bubbly abound, but if 10-12 producers really took it seriously and tried to keep the prices reasonable, I cannot help but think that the region's reputation could be solidified by such an effort. Shouldn't Finger Lakes riesling and sparklers be available in much of the country?

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