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December 30, 2009


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I had some beautifully made wines from the Ferrante Winery in Geneva, Ohio. Nick Ferrante makes some Riesling and Gewurtz that really impressed me. Elegant and very well balanced. Here's their website:http://www.ferrantewinery.com/

Evan, I've had some nice reds (cab franc, cab sauv, syrah) from Kinkead Ridge Winery in OH as well. Nice stuff, truly.

And we're proud that all of our wines are estate! We do it the hard way.

Evan - Ohio does actually make some good wines. I think the state is often lumped into those "sweet swill" producing states, and I think producers that import so much fruit are doing the state and drinkers a diservice. If people want a cabernet from California, there are plenty of $10 bottles. Why would anyone pay more for something made from grapes flown across the country? Bewildering.

Consumers have the right to enjoy these warm weather varieties (and as a previous person mentioned the guys in/around Cincy including Kinkead have better luck with these.) Northern Ohio wine makers should focus more on the things the area does best - dry riesling, cabernet franc, pinot gris, chardonnay, merlot, pinot noir! The sweet wines (concord, niagara, catawba) are the backbone of the state's industry, but I was pleased to leave the state knowing that many growers were moving towards other European varieties.

If you get the chance I'd recommend Laurello, Harpersfield, and St. Joseph in the Grand River Valley AVA.


Ryan -

Good stuff, and thanks for the specific recs. Certainly it's important for emerging regions to key in on what varieties are best suited to local growing conditions. Fun to be part of that evolution - cheers.

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