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January 20, 2010


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Love Ravines Pinor Noir! Going to get me some more when we go to NY Wine Camp next weekend. Thanks for reminding me how yummy it is!

What is the distribution reach of NY wines like this one? Do you know if they ship to WA state. I can check their web site, but thought I would ask. I would love to try wines from NY, MI, and others this year!


Solid review. Interestingly, I get less sage in the '07 than the '05, and I love that fresh garden smell. Perhaps it will surface with time in the '07; might in fact be a secondary characteristic. Perhaps Morten will jump into the comments here to say more about it.

I find that in Finger Lakes pinot, the over-cropped examples will show a one-note strawberry character. Very simple and thin. Wines like this show more of a cherry, spicebox, garden herb character. Much more layered and interesting. Their '05 is a wow wine, and this is nicely done as well.


I remember the 05 being a bit more complex than this, definitely. This is still a top-tier pinot for the region. Time will tell how it ages.

Heart & Hands is another obvious member of that top tier...who else do you put up there?

It's a short list. The '07 and '08 Wiemer are definitely right there. Damiani is doing very cool stuff, and it seems to show better with a few years (based on the '05). In other words, wines from good growers and careful yields. I know it's a broken record, but it's true.

Add Hosmer to your short list of finger lakes Pinot producers. They have made excellant Pinot Noir for a number of years.

I think its important to note that $23 is a very fair price for top flight pinot noir, too.

Jeff: Hosmer is a good addition. They don't get the attention they deserve.

Jim: You're absolutely right. It's tough to find tasty pinot in this price range.

Beyond the ones already listed, Shalestone reliably produces quality pinot. Dr. Frank's '05 is quite good. I like their '07 too, but I would give the edge to the '05.
Generally speaking, I thought the 2005 pinots stronger than the 2007 in the Finger Lakes. I wonder if that's just me.

Ryan -

It's not just you. It's interesting to note that 2007 was potentially the best vintage ever in the Finger Lakes for Cabernet Franc, Lemberger, and whatever else bigger red varieties you can name. But Pinot is a different identity, and I've already heard from the devoted Pinot producers (Ravines and Heart & Hands, as examples) that they believe the 2008 vintage was better suited for Pinot. And of course 2005 was stellar as well. It's more delicate and it wouldn't surprise me at all if, while '07 is a benchmark for most Finger Lakes reds, '08 is the Pinot benchmark. We'll see.

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