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February 07, 2010


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Cool! Danielle and Mickey should consider visiting Seneca Lake this coming weekend for the Wine and Chocolate event!

That's a pretty wonderful-looking menu.
Evan, can I ask what vintage of Black Russian you ordered? The '07 really impressed me at a winery event back in March (May?) but I haven't tasted it since.

Ryan - Good question. Don't know why I forgot to mention this in the review, but my other complaint is that vintages aren't on the menu. We were so engaged in the conversation that I forgot to ask, though I assumed it was '07. The '06 is a bit thinner and the oak makes more of an impact, while the riper '07 is more of that classic Black Russian cranberry / pomegranate, which this wine had. You can't tell much by color; BRR is going to be very dark even in off years. One of the grapes is Saperavi, a Georgian grape, and the Georgian translation of Saperavi is "paint dye."

Would be nice to get local chocolates in there too. Will make not to self.

the chocolate are really delicius but you can approuch all the benefits that it give us. so when you are sad you must to eat one

Wow! Its good news for all drinks lover and me .I like it very much. I will organize a party with my friend in chocolate and wine bar.

Well, it was more than a year between the time when I read your post and when I made it to Chocolate and Vines, but it was well worth the trip. What a great way to spend an afternoon. I noted with regret that '07 Black Russian is no longer available by the glass, but none of the wines disappointed. We were impressed with the Prejean Late Harvest Vignoles pairing with the mango chocolate. I hadn't tasted that offering from Prejean before, but I loved it. It had none of the syrup of other LH vignoles from the area, and gorgeous tropical fruit.

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