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March 04, 2010


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Congratulations, that's quite a milestone, and in only 2 years. Very good! Best of luck with it.

Bill - Thanks so much. Most books these days are written in a matter of a few short months, so two years feels like a long time. It's been made that much more arduous by the fact that I work a normal job; writing has become a second full-time endeavor.

Oh I can't wait for the trailer. Too bad Don LaFontaine has passed on.

"In a world... when hybrid grapes ruled the landscape....
In a time... when one corporation controlled the fate of a region...

ONE MAN... etc., etc."

Tom: Perfect. Surely there must be a Don L stand-in?

"In a world before hybrid cars... there were hybrid grapes...

Before native yeasts... there were native cultivars...

It could have all... slipped... right... through... their... FINGERS.

Until THEY arrived."

The photo here of you and Dave has to be one of the greatest homoerotic renderings of all time. Love it!

Really looking forward to the book Evan. Good Luck!

Peter - Thank you for defiling a nice image. Heh. Astute observation, however.

Cannot wait to read your book! Congrats!

Hmm... Peter is always so observant.
I know how much hard work, heart and soul you have put into this project...thanks.
Also, it might be good luck to submit the book on March the 13th. (One of my favorite days!)

Congrats Evan....look forward to it!

Just about to start reading Passion on the Vine thanks to your reco!

I have to say, Peter has a very keen observation :)

Much as Julie Powell cooked her way through Julia Child...can we taste our way through this book?

Scott - Not in the same way, no... But readers will undoubtedly be able to scribble down a list of wines as the book progresses. We'll be holding book events at wineries next year and I imagine some will include a flight of wines that star in the book.

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