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March 15, 2010


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Congrats, Lenn! I continue to be impressed and amazed by your work and your knowledge of/love for NY wines. Can't wait to see where NYCR takes you -- and us!

Happy birthday, boss! Just for today I'll make your coffee and file your reports. You can have my parking space.

100 point scale?
I remember your struggle in decidting to go from "just" words to words + the 5 Star rating.
Now you are going big-time mainstream with the (in)famous 100 point scale.
I can't wait to see you differentiate an 86 from an 87!!

I use to like how Parker rated his barrel tastings of Bordeaux - - - in ranges. You know.... 85 - 89, 90 - 94, etc. It still utilized the 100 pt numerals and provided scoring guidance without being overly precise.

Congrats on 6 years!!

Congrats to the New York Cork Report team. It's obvious you love what you are doing, and that makes it easy for us to love what we are reading.

Very excited about the future happenings, particularly the vintage charts. Question- Are you planning on converting old 5 star reviews over to the new 100 point rating system. In other words, when we look at the searchable data base and search for pinot noirs 85 points and above, can we get a wine from 2004 to come up, or will the new scale just be forward looking for wines reviewed in the future. SG

100 pt. System, eh?

Happy birthday, SELL OUTS!!!

(just kidding)

Sasha, Evan and Steve: Thanks. Truly.

Dave and Joe: Trust me, a move to 100-point isn't without its pitfalls, which is why it's something I've thought long and hard about. Fact is, enough readers have asked for it (both consumers and wineries) that it makes sense to do it.

Steve: For the old reviews, I'll likely convert the stars to the point range equivalent so they appear in search. Still working that out. I didn't have scores in my original notes, so it doesn't seem fair or right to go back and try to assign specific numbers!

Hi Lenn,

How about a BYOB area which members share their new, always evolving BYOB resturant finds.

Keep up the good work.



That's a fine idea and one that you've brought up before...we'll absolutely do something with that. YES.

Lenn - Congrats and love what you guys are doing. You are the gold standard in regional wine blogs. Keep up the great work!

March 15 is a fine day for a birthday - the best if you ask me! Congratulations Lenn, and to all of the NYCR team.

Congratulations - NYCR is on the short list of sites I try to visit every day.

Congratulations! And cheers to six more years!!!

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