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March 15, 2010


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I reviewed the Painted Wolf back in August 2009, and I enjoyed it, as well. I paid $15, so you definitely received a better deal, but, even at $15, it's a wine that I would drink again.


I'm not sure that Coors Light even qualifies as a beer. ;) However, you are excused for drinking this transgression against beer, as I can see that you were drinking it from a green cup!

Next year, I suggest that you pack a nice flask of whiskey and a thermos of coffee - Irish Coffee all day long! Or, perhaps Tom will share the top secret recipe for the O'Higgins - always a hit on St. Patrick's Day...

Susan, not only did I drink it from a green cup, but I had a green jacket on and if I had a better picture above, you could more easily see the Irish flags I was looking at.

There was a flask involved in the planning. My friend even filled it...before forgetting it as his house.

The O'Higgins...I like the sounds of this.


I drank my MRS 2005 cab franc a few months ago, although I imagine someone has an extra bottle lying around somewhere!

Wow, Coors Light on WWD? It's usually my job to slum it with cheap beer!

We have *two* bottles of the '05 Martini-Reinhardt Cab Franc in our cellar. Looks like we'll be drinking them soon!

Tom, I can't let the grad student be the only one drinking cheap beer around here. Okay, maybe I can going forward.

And Paul...its sounds like the staff of the NYCR is coming over for a taste. How's tomorrow night?

Paul - Wonderful! As long as you don't mind that entry note of green, I think you'll find a complex wine that is truly peaking and showing what NY can do with Cabernet Franc.

Would love to have y'all over tomorrow, but it's my wife's birthday (seriously) and we're going out. Maybe I should lock up the wine cellar...?

Well, we cracked open one of our bottles of the '05 Martini-Reinhardt Cab Franc.


We had it with a seared pan-roasted Hudson Valley duck breast and Finger Lakes freekeh, and it was truly marvelous. Seriously long finish on this wine.

We're saving the other bottle for a couple of months.

Paul -

That sounds like a fabulous pairing, and I'm thrilled to hear you dug the wine as much as I did. Long finish - like a slowly unfurling cashmere carpet, eh? Great stuff.

Now that you've enjoyed it, what do you think about the drink window? I'm almost always fine with laying down and discovering what it will say in the future, but this bottle convinced me it's in peak. We can't know for sure, of course, and I doubt it's going to fade terribly fast. What do you think?

No idea. We'll probably open the last bottle in a few months, but don't forget that this is only a 5-year-old wine, so it probably has some more time. (I'm sorry we didn't buy a half-case instead of only the 2 bottles.)

Anthony Road Cab franc...final bottle in existence, except for the Nebuchadnezzar I just sold to the Smithsonian on eBay. It's going to go in there right beside Julia Child's kitchen, and I'm not making this up.

Peter, you mean I have a bottle that's in the Smithsonian? Damn...should I *ever* drink it?

Peter - You just love saying "Nebuchadnezzar" as much as I love saying "Balthazar."

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