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April 26, 2010


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Apparently I lack the requisite Y chromosome to be part of the VA Wine Mafia...sit one table over...you guys really need to get some estrogen mixed in there so you don't all choke on the unchallenged testosterone! ;-)

You were left out of this post only because you desire anonymity!

It was a pleasure to meet you (and your partner in crime). I'll make sure I get you some Long Island merlot very soon.

Now there's a handsome bunch! :-)

Very cool meet up, looking forward to hearing about the conf.

Nice smile Lenn.. They all look smart..

Nice Baseball shirt Lenn!

Good to see you in the Commonwealth Lenn! I am getting really jazzed about the idea of the VA wine mafia report. :)
See ya at Taste Camp.

Great to finally meet you in person!
Nice looking group... but I wonder why Lenn refuses to dress it up for the event...
@VA Wine Diva - "unchallenged testosterone"? Puleeze stop using these sorts of multi-vowel complex words/phrases that i have to look up. Oh, BTW, wikipedia has never heard of "unchallenged testosterone."

Frank: See the thing is...the conference was labeled as "casual attire."

I just follow directions. So what if I was the only one in the entire place to do so?

I like the baseball jersey better than the T-shirt.

That seems to be the consensus, Tom. The quality isn't where I want it to be though...so not quite ready for prime time.


Nice to finally meet you bro - its been a few years :-) Look forward to hearing your thoughts on the conference too. Glad you enjoyed that CF - that and the Lenz Merlot made Friday night all that much better! Have a great weekend.



A pleasure to finally meet you. I had a blast at the conference tasting some good (and some bad) wines, and look forward to enjoying some NY juice with you soon bro! And btw, cheers to the Virginia Wine Mafia and the Virginia Cork Report!

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