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April 19, 2010


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FWIW, the TTB approved "Ice Apple Wine" for our version of this product. I dunno if they'd ever approve use of the word "Cider," since there are, I think, alcohol limits on that

Thanks, Dave.

And funny you should mention your version...the review is coming tomorrow or Wednesday.

Cool! (unless, of course, you hate it, in which case, boooo!) :-)

"Ice Cider" has been defined by law in Quebec where it was invented. Requirements include using natural cold weather (not a freezer) for concentration, using local apples, and residual sugar level must be at least 13%. The current level of production / sales volume in the USA is so low that TTB really isn't spending any time trying to standardize, which is probably a good thing for all of us creative small entrepreneur types.

PS - I think "Essence" is fantastic. Autumn Stoscheck who makes it has done an amazing job - one of the youngest to ever get a liquor license in the state of NY I believe. Her hard ciders are really excellent too.

Essence is truly amazing - i love it

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