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May 12, 2010


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Somewhat unrelated, but...

I was talking to a couple of the folks at Lamoreaux Landing the other day discussing their sparkling wine. When they mentioned the grape breakdown (all chard, as its a blanc de blancs), I realized that I'd never heard of a local producer using any Pinot Meunier in their sparkling blend. Is there a reason for this? I would think adding some juice that shows better in the short term to the blend would potentially allow wineries to sell more earlier and give sparklers a bigger boost in the state. Do you guys know anything about why this doesn't seem to be done? Or have I just missed the people that do use Pinot Meunier?

Brad: Thanks for the comment.

I actually know for a fact that Dr. Frank uses pinot meunier in their bubbly program -- specifically in the Brut (and maybe the BdN)

I'm not sure about anyone else using it in the Finger Lakes, but perhaps Evan knows.

I gotta say this label freaks me out a bit. Is that an 'eye'? Where is the other 'eye'?


This might be more a function of my mediocre photography than anything else.

The wines that were formerly known as Estate Selection (more or less) are now named after horses from the Wolffer Stables (on the grounds of the winery/estate). That's a horse eye and in person, you can discern that a bit better.

I'm pretty sure that Dr. Frank's is one of the only Finger Lakes producers growing Pinot Meunier.

I love a good sparkling - - whether it be brut, rose, or blanc de blanc (my favorite of them all).
I noticed that this was rated 88 - - is that the highest Lenndevours rating to date since going to the 100 pt system?
If so, what gives with the 90 pt "ceiling" for NY? Who is rating these wines, really? Are these scores coming from Wine Spectator and Wine Advocate correspondants?
Just kidding. Keep the bubbly reviews coming. They are far too often overlooked and treated as a special occasion wine only (though $40 would put this one in the "special occasion" category for me).


I think you missed the Hermann J. Wiemer 2008 Dry Riesling Reserve review from last week :)

No ceiling here -- just honest-to-goodness reviews. And by the way, WS and WA are recognizing the quality wines of NY more and more lately. 90 is no longer a ceiling.

I'm pretty sure Sparkling Pointe (an all sparkling producer on the North Fork) is growing Pinot Meunier. The vines are not yet mature enough to harvest and add to the blends but they are growing it.

Ben, you're right...Sparkling Pointe IS growing it. Pindar/Duck Walk also grows some for their bubbly.

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