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June 28, 2010


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Other good beer bars in Rochester include Donnellys (in Fairport by the canal), The Boulevard (Empire Blvd. in Webster/Penfield), McGreggors (local chain with a big beer list). And for another brewery, Custom Brewcrafters is nearby in Honeoye Falls and has a tasting room with 25+ of their beers to try. Definitely a great beer town!

Thanks Jeff! It's clear to me that Rochester warrants multiple trips - I'm lucky to live only an hour away. Look for my review of a Custom Brewcrafters IPA made for The Old Toad later this week.

I would also mention Beers of the World - in Brighton which will be adding a second location at the corner of East Henrietta and Calkins Road. HUGE selection of beers...Rochester is a great beer town indeed. Another interesting spot is Hogan's Hideaway on Park Ave - Alexander Keith's Nova Scotia Brewery on tap!

Bummer - I just checked Alexander Keiths is now owned by inBev - was not a few years ago. Not really a regional beer then. Still like it - a little less now.

I'm definitely sorry I didn't know about Beers of the World when I was there - you're the third person who's mentioned it me this morning! :) It sounds amazing and I can't wait for my next trip to Rochester to check it out.

Don't you just hate it when the AB/InBev/Miller/Coors picks up your favorite small brewery? It's like finding out that your favorite band is doing car commercials. Is it still "regional" if it's brewed regionally but internationally owned? Will you still drink it? Sounds like a topic for another post!

Great post, while not having as many great beer joints as some cities the ones we do have are excellent... Swan Market is also a place you don't want to miss in Rochester... Homemade German food and German beer, the Best of the Wurst!...

Great article, and we Rochesterians are lucky to have pubs this dedicated to great beer, as well as a distribution network that makes buying a pint of these wonderful brews possible.

One downside of the ROC beer scene, however, is that it's something of a closed loop. Maybe it's just because I drink way too much beer, but it seems increasingly rare that new breweries find their way onto local taplines. We get lots of great beer, but basically its the same 10 breweries over and over again. Jules at the Toad, and Joe & Chris at the Tap, know this and work hard to find beers that don't make it to our distributors, but it's not an easy task.

Sucks to be us, I know :) While I'm more than happy to find a go-to brewski (I'm looking at you, Victory Helles), I hope for the day when we can walk in and buy Founder's, Bell's, maybe even New Belgium, with equal ease.

Great story! I'm a big fan of the Old Toad. Will defintely need to spend some more time on my next visit up there exploring other brew venues!

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