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July 19, 2010


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Wait until you taste the 2009 Dry Riesling. It will blow your mind. I had a little sneak preview last night and loved it's intense fruitness, lower alcohol, high acid.


Hosmer Rieslings starting with the 2009 vintage are sealed with natural cork.


Thanks for switching back to natural cork. I've had too many FL wines prematurely oxidized with those synthetic stoppers - a higher percentage than are corked. Screwcaps don't seem to be catching on in the FL - any reason why?


It's probably because you have to change your entire bottling line, and many places just don't have the capital to do that.

There are a few places that have screwcap bottling lines. Eagle Crest (wayy out on Hemlock Lake) is entirely screwcap and Tierce Rieslings are also screwcapped.

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