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July 15, 2010


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Ah, but the dessert wine from Ravines is coming! Morten has several vintages of sparkling wine in bottle already, but of course that's another dry wine. It's his vin de paille that will be most fascinating. It's a chardonnay that is aged in baskets before pressing, concentrating the sugars, and I believe Morten said the end result is 8 RS, but don't take my word for it.

I know your readership is far and wide so I will mention where the Ravines wines are currently distributed:
Chicago, Illinois

We will have the 2008 vintage available in those markets sometime in late August. We are finishing up the 2007 and I will say, in my humble opinion, it is singing a sweet (dry doesn't work) song at the moment. As you guys know, Morten's wines really benefit with bottle age and the 2007 Riesling is a prime example. Buy as much as you can of the 2007 and forget about the 2008 for oh say maybe...4 to 5 years.

thanks for the review,


Evan: I'm really curious to see what Morten does in a few years with the Petit Manseng he and Sam planted this year, given his experience in southern France.

The cool thing about the chardonnay dessert wine is that -- in typical Morten fashion -- he's not doing ice wine or 'regular' late harvest like everyone else!

Rick: The 2007 is a completely different animal from this one. Much more overtly fruity and while balanced, doesn't have the acid that this one does. For me, the 08 is a hair better than the 06 with the 07 3rd probably. Oh, and my name is Lenn, not Lynn ;)

Right Lenn and not Lynn - I have a boss with the name Lynn and it just magically flies off my finger tips from habit...my apologies.

I'm a romantic - I enjoy each vintage for it's own unique qualities - perhaps it is from spending so much time in the cellars with winemakers that have been asked that question "which vintage is better?" and hearing the typical response that usually includes something about choosing a favorite child.

As for your assessment on the vintages - I'll get back to you on that one as I need at least 24 bottles or so to really sink my teeth into a wine and though I have hit my quota on the 2006 and 2007 I've yet to surpass the 6 bottle mark on the 2008 so I wouldn't feel right in giving my opinion just yet but I'll keep working at it!

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